Philipa Daria Filip

Philipa Daria Filip

Middle School and Upper School Teacher-American School of Paris


Daria Filip moved to Paris in 2014 after growing up in an Eastern European family in Toronto, Canada. Her first career was in Engineering working in western Canada. After being asked to present and explain engineering to lower school and high school students she switched her career to teaching – co-operative education, science: biology, chemistry, environmental as well as physics at the higher levels and eventually math. Daria has spent most of her career working in Canada, and since 2014 has taught at both the International School of Paris and currently is at the American School of Paris.

Her theme is #slow down, raise the bar Рand pay attention to the details. She has always been fascinated by the links between art and science and has had the opportunity to show her photography in Poland and Paris. Sustainability and wellness have also become passions since arriving in Europe. Her website is where she is blogging and integrating her experience between Education, Sustainability and Photography.