Martin Barraclough

Martin Barraclough

Director of Music - Cranleigh Abu Dhabi


Martin is a seasoned Director of Music & Performing Arts with a proven track record of delivering successful GCSE and A-Level programs while creating a positive learning environment for students. He is passionate about music education research and stays up-to-date with the latest studies to ensure that his teaching methods are effective and innovative.

Martin has extensive experience in leading, training, motivating, and developing other educators. He takes pride in guiding and supporting his colleagues to reach their full potential and become effective educators themselves.

Additionally, Martin is skilled at employing high-performance techniques. He takes joy in stretching and challenging students regardless of their abilities.

Overall, Martin is committed to fostering a lifelong love of music in his students. He believes that through continued professional development, positive learning experiences, and effective behaviour management systems, he can inspire both children and adults to achieve their full potential in music and the performing arts.