Alsha Sheikh

Alsha Sheikh

Head of STEM - Victory Heights Primary School


Alsha Sheikh is a highly accomplished educator who is passionate about STEM education. She graduated from as a university topper with a degree in engineering and has over a decade of teaching experience. Alsha is dedicated to incorporating innovative and interactive teaching techniques to encourage students to explore the world of STEAM.

Alsha has an impressive track record of developing STEAM content for various curriculums, including CBSE, UK National Curriculum, IB, and NGSS. During her tenure as a STEM educator at Raffles International School, the school won “STEM Best Practice Awards 2018”.

In 2019, Alsha joined the teacher training program at Ajman Academy, where she trained educators on the best practices for developing STEAM content for students. Alsha has also conducted teacher and student training sessions on LEGO Education, Pitsco, and PASCO Scientific at institutions such as GEMS Westminster School in Sharjah, Repton School in Abu Dhabi, and the Ministry Of Education in Ajman.

Alsha’s ability to inspire students to explore the world of STEAM has made her an invaluable asset to the education community. She is deeply committed to student well-being and success and enjoys mentoring students to help them achieve their goals. Beyond her expertise in STEM education, Alsha is a passionate educator who believes in the power of STEAM education to shape the future.